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Class Schedule​

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Schedule update 11/16/14

Preschool           Ages 3 & 4    Alyssa
4:30-5:30  Primary Ballet     Ages 6-8          Limited Class Space AvailableAndrea
4:45-5:30Kinder     Ages 5 & 6                       Sorry This Class is ClosedAdrienne
4:30-5:30Beg II Lyrical                                   Sorry This Class is ClosedAlyssa
5:30-6:30Beg TapAlyssa
5:30-6:30Inter Jazz                            Limited Class Space AvailableAdrienne
5:30-6:30Beg I Ballet                         Limited Class Space AvailableAndrea
6:30-7:30Adv Beg Jazz                         Limited Class Space AvailableAdrienne
6:30-7:30Beg Inter II Teen BalletAndrea
6:30-7:30Inter LyricalAlyssa
7:30-8:45Junior Jazz CompanyAdrienne
7:30-8:30Teen Tap                            Limited Class Space AvailableAlyssa
7:30-8:45Adv Inter II Ballet/PointeAndrea


Class Schedule by Subject





Hip Hop/Jazz      Ages 7-9Pinar
4:15-5:15Beg TapAdrienne
5:15-6:15Adv Hip HopPinar
5:15-6:15Beg IV Jazz                  Limited Class Space AvailableAdrienne
4:45-5:45Musical TheaterJoanne
6:15-7:15Inter IV Hip HopPinar
6:15-7:45Adv JazzAdrienne
5:45-6:45Musical TheaterJoanne
6:45-7:45Pro-Adv Musical TheaterJoanne
7:15-8:15Junior Hip Hop Company Pinar
7:45-8:45Adv TapAdrienne


10:00-10:45Mommy & Me   Ages 2 1/2 -3       Alyssa
11:00-11:45Preschool        Ages 3 & 4         Alyssa
3:45-4:30Preschool        Ages 3 & 4        Limited Class Space availableAlyssa

4:45:5:30Pre/Kinder          Ages 4 & 5             Pinar
4:30-5:30Intro Musical Theater    Ages 7-9Joanne
4:30-5:30Ballet/Jazz          Ages 7 & 8Kim
4:30-5:30Beg II Teen Jazz                Limited Class Space AvailableAlyssa
5:30-6:30Beg III Ballet        Ages 8-10Kim
5:30-6:30Inter Teen Jazz                      Limited class space availableAlyssa
5:30-6:30Inter Musical TheaterJoanne
6:30-7:30 Inter IV Teen LyricalDani
6:30-7:30Tween Beg BalletKim
7:30-9:00Adv LyricalDani



4:00-5:00Beg III BalletAndrea
4:00-4:45Pre-Kinder        Ages 4 & 5          Limited  Class Space AvailableAdrienne
4:15-5:00Kinder             Ages 5 & 6Pinar
5:00-6:00Inter Beg Hip Hop                 Limited Class Space AvailablePinar
5:00-6:00Beg Inter BalletAndrea
5:00-6:00Primary Tap/Jazz     Ages 6 & 7          Only 1 spot available Adrienne
6:00-7:00Inter IV Hip HopPinar 
6:00-7:00Beg Inter TapAdrienne
6:00-7:00Inter II BalletAndrea
7:00-8:00Beg Tween Hip HopPinar
7:00-8:15Adv Inter II BalletAndrea
7:00-8:00Pre-Team Company JazzAdrienne
8:00-9:00Adv II Hip HopPinar
4:00-5:00Primary Hip Hop/Tap     Ages 6 & 8  Pre-RequisitePinar
4:15-5:00Kinder       Ages 5 & 6Alyssa
5:00-6:00Ballet/Jazz    Ages 7 & 8       Limited Class Space AvailableAlyssa
5:00-6:00Beg Hip Hop                            Sorry This Class is ClosedPinar
6:00-7:00Beg Lyrical       Ages 9-11Alyssa
6:00-7:30Hip Hop/Jazz     Ages 9-11      Limited Class Space AvailablePinar
7:30-8:30Beg IV Hip Hop      Pinar 


9:00-9:45Preschool      Ages 3 & 4        Sorry This Class is ClosedHeather
9:30-10:15Pre/Kinder    Ages 4 & 5        Sorry This Class is ClosedPinar
9:45-10:45Hip Hop/Tap  Ages 7 & 8     Limited Class Space AvailableHeather/Pinar
10:15-11:15Primary Tap/Ballet       Ages 6-8       Pre-RequistedHeather
10:45-11:30Preschool     Ages 3 & 4          Sorry This Class is ClosedPinar
11:15-12:00Kinder          Ages 5 & 6Heather
11:30-12:30Beg Hip Hop                                  Starting NovemberPinar 

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